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Utah Beekeepers' Association

As Currently Organized since 1892, but Serving and Representing Utah's Beekeepers Since the Early 1860's

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President's Message

Happy Spring!!

As Spring is coming quick I am beginning to get my “dead outs” cleaned and ready to install new bees. While I was doing  this a customer stopped to place his order for a package of bees and asked why I was wasting my time. I explained that this was the best time for repairs since no bees were around to sting me and having a clean hive makes it easy for the new bees installed to want to stay. Nodding his head with approval he said “that makes sense.”

Pulling apart each box I inspect and judge each frame.  Whether I keep or toss the box is always the grueling question I have. If it has dark wax or is 10 years old, it gets sorted out and new combs replace it from my honey supers. Frames are cleaned off as well as the excess wax for easy future removal. Boxes and bottom boards are scrapped, screws are tightened, and a quick coat of paint is given to hopefully last another 10 years.

During the summer these hives are usually my favorite to work. At a quick glance I can spot the shining new paint and I know that the frames can be removed easily for inspections.

Good luck to all with your spring time beekeeping!!

Jared Taylor
UBA President


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