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Utah Beekeepers' Association

As Currently Organized since 1892, but Serving and Representing Utah's Beekeepers Since the Early 1860's

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President's Message


Many of you know that having a title of “Beekeeper” as a profession or as a hobby always brings up a lively conversation. Over the last 30 plus years I have had many conversations with friends, neighbors, and other associates about beekeeping. Many of these conversations start with something like, “I saw on the news....”

Today at church a friend walked up and handed me an article that he had cut out of a magazine and said. “I thought this might interest you.” This was the start of a lengthy conversation we had regarding his interest in the article. 

The Article talked about Colony Collapse Disease, and mites. Dr. Travis Dynes of Emory University in Atlanta Georgia and his colleagues reported on a study they completed where hives were laid out in a perfect grid formation with all the hives painted the same color in one apiary. In a second apiary the hives were spread apart a minimum of ten meters, each facing a different direction, painted differently, and stood at different heights above the ground.

The conclusion of the study showed a “Clean Sweep“ that the hives in the second apiary showed less drift between hives, supported fewer mites, produced more honey, and wintered better than the first apiary.

I know this application in a larger apiary would be difficult, but the study reassured my long standing belief for the importance of facing hives in different directions to avoid drift in my own hives, as well as reducing the spread of mites and diseases throughout my apiaries.

Happy Beekeeping,
Jared Taylor
UBA President

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BYU Researching phages

Researchers in BYU's department of Microbiology and Molecular Biology are researching American Foulbrood (AFB) and specific bacteriophages which can eliminate the bacteria responsible for AFB (Paenibacillus larvae). They constantly need more samples from healthy hives as well as hives known to be infected with AFB so they can continue to isolate and identify phages which are effective in treating AFB in hives. They accept samples by mail or in person, depending on what is easier for beekeepers. They will even cover the costs of shipping samples and will provide shipping labels if needed. Contact the lab for instructions on submitting samples. BYU's research has culminated in a commercially-available feed supplement to control AFB . It is now available to beekeepers at www.BroodSafe.com.

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