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Utah Beekeepers' Association

As Currently Organized since 1892, but Serving and Representing Utah's Beekeepers Since the Early 1860's

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Note: Copies of presentations linked below are used with permission of the authors. Further reproduction of these documents requires permission of the applicable authors.

Items from past conventions:

  • Utah Department of Agriculture and Food held its 2017 Honey Bee Health Conference on November 30th, 2017 at Weber State University. Video from that conference is available here
  • Professor Keith Delaplane2017 Keynote Speaker: Keith Delaplane of the University of Georgia gave two presentations. Slides are not available.

  • 2017 Speaker: Stephen Coy gave two presentations on Russian honey bees. Day 1 slidesDay 2 slides.

  • 2017 Speaker: Diana Cox-Foster spoke about the health of honey bees and native bees.

  • 2017 Speaker: Jerry Shue spoke about feral honey bees in Southeastern Utah.

  • 2017 Presentations: Representatives from the Utah Department of Agriculture and foods gave three presentations. Noxious weeds in UtahRegulations related to honeyand Summary of State Beekeeper efforts in 2016.

  • 2017 Presentation: Earl Hoffman spoke on the use of microbials in combating honey bee diseases.

  • 2017 Presentation: Al Chubak gave a presentation on the history of beekeeping in Utah.

  • 2017 Presentation and Survey: Dean Hanniball solicited "Audacious Ideas" for consideration by the Association.

  • 2017 Presentation: Daniel Odutan spoke at the annual banquet about modern beekeeping in Nigeria.

  • 2016 Keynote Speaker: Patrick Heitkam - Many years ago, Pat Heitkam operated a bike shop and once received a bee hive as payment. Now, thousands of colonies later, he provides pollination for almonds and produces queens for beekeepers around the world. He is past president of the American Beekeeping Federation.

  • 2016 Presentation - Apis M by Danielle Downey (PDF of PowerPoint presentation)

  • 2016 Presentation - Queen-Rearing at Heitkam's Honey Bees by Patrick Heitkam (PDF of PowerPoint presentation)

  • 2016 Presentation - Veterinary Feed Directive (Anitbiotics) by Joey Caputo, Utah State Apiarist (PDF of PowerPoint presentation)

  • 2016 Presentation - American Honey Producers Assn by Darrin Cox (PDF of PowerPoint presentation)

  • 2016 Presentation - Varroa Mite Treatment by Michael Stephenson (PDF of PowerPoint presentation)

  • 2016 Presentation - Evolution at Heitkams' Honeybees by Patrick Heitkam (PDF of PowerPoint presentation)

  • 2015 Keynote Speaker: altJerry Hayes - Jerry received formal training in apiculture from Dr. Jim Tew at the Agricultural and Technical Institute of Ohio State University. From there he went to the USDA/ARS Bee Breeding and Stock Lab, which in those days was preparing for the African bee to move across the border and enter the United States. Next, Jerry worked for Dadant, North America’s largest beekeeping manufacturing and supply company, first as Regional Manager in Michigan and then at the home office in Hamilton, Illinois. While at Dadant he started writing the "Classroom" Q&A column for the American Bee Journal which in turn led to the book of the same name, Classroom. From 2004 until 2012, Jerry was the Chief of the Apiary Inspection Section of the Florida Department of Agriculture where he supervised the inspection of approximately 300,000 honey bee colonies and more than 2500 registered beekeepers, ranging from backyard enthusiasts to commercial migratory beekeepers with tens of thousands of colonies. He was one of the founding members of the Colony Collapse Working Group and so has intimate knowledge of CCD and honey bee health. He currently is at Monsanto working on a technology that uses a normal natural process called RNAi to see if it can be adapted to control honey bee parasites and pathogens safely, sanely and efficaciously. His personal goal is to be able to be a part of a team that uses this new technology to bring non-chemical Varroa control and the control of the Varroa/virus complex to our suffering and challenged industry.

  • 2015 Presentation - Honey Bee Health by Jerry Hayes, PhD (PDF of PowerPoint presentation)

  • 2015 Presentation - Honey Bee Diseases and Pests by Blaine Nay, Iron County Bee Inspector (PDF of PowerPoint presentation)

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