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Utah Beekeepers' Association

As Currently Organized since 1892, but Serving and Representing Utah's Beekeepers Since the Early 1860's

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Hives and Beekeeping Equipment

Hive Size MattersMAAREC Beekeeping Equipment List
Mann Lake's Beekeeping Equipment ChecklistThe "Flow Hive"?
3 Bee Honey (Orem, Utah)Bear Country Bees (Salem, Utah)
Cache Valley Bee Supply (Hyrum, Utah)CAL Ranch (Multiple Locations, Utah)
Deseret Hive Supply (Ogden, Utah)Eco Bee Box (Murray, Utah)
Hansen Hives & Honey Company (Salt Lake City, Utah)High 5 Honey
IFA (Multiple Locations, Utah)Jones Bee Company (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Knight Beekeeping Equipment (Orem, Utah)Muddy Bees (Hurricane, Utah)
The Honey Company (North Provo, Utah) 
3 Bee Honey (Orem, Utah)Alternative Hive Designs
Bailey Bee SupplyBeeBuilt
Bear Country Bees (Salem, Utah)Bee Commerce Beekeeping Supplies
Bee Equipment PlansBeehive Construction
Beehive ConstructionBee Hive Construction
Bee Hive JournalBee Hive Plans
Bee Hive PlansBee Hive Types
Beekeeping BooksBeekeeping Books at Amazon
Beekeeping Supplies at AmazonBeeline Woodenware
Bee Maid (Canada)Bee Proof Suits (Use code UTAH20 for a 20% discount)
BeeSpaceBee Vac (BushKill)
Bee Vac (Colorado)Bee Vac Plans
Beez Neez Apiary SupplyBeeWorks (Ontario, Canada)
Betterbee Beekeeping SuppliesBlue Sky Bee Supply
Brushy Mountain Beekeeping SuppliesBuild-It-Yourself Hive Plans
BushKill Bee VacCache Valley Bee Supply (Hyrum, Utah)
Candibox Bee Feeder SystemCapital Bee Supply
Carrier's Beekeeping SuppliesCedar Glen Bee Supplies
Colorado Bee VacCombCapper
Comb Starter StripsDadant Beekeeping Supplies
Deficiencies in Design of the Queen ExcluderDeseret Hive Supply (Ogden, Utah)
Draper Super Bee SupplyEco Bee Box
Equipment PlansEssential Equipment
Evans Cedar Beehives (NJ)Feeder Comparison
Foundation Form BoardFoundation Mold
Foundation Mold (DIY)Frames and Foundation
Frame Wiring and EmbeddingFrame Wiring and Embedding
GloryBee BeekeepingGloryBee Beekeeping (Wholesale)
Graze (Germany)Hansen Hives & Honey Company (Utah)
Heated Hives over WinterHistory of Bee Hives
History of Beekeeping EquipmentHive Cleaning and Sterilization
Hive Hand-Hold JigHive Hand-Hold Jig
Hive Hand-Hold JigHive Hand-Hold Jig
Hive Hand-Hold JigHive Hand-Hold Jig
Hive Plans (North Carolina State University)Hives and Hive Construction Plans
H&L Bee FarmHoney Bee Habitat
Honey House Supply (Canada)Honey Punch
How to Build a Langstroth FrameHow to Make Langstroth Bee Frames From Scratch
How to Use a Radial Honey ExtractorIFA (Multiple Locations, Utah)
Index of Hive TypesJones Bee Company (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Knight Beekeeping Equipment (Orem, Utah)Lagrant's Honeybees and Supplies
Langstroth Deep Hive BodyLangstroth Frames
Langstroth Frames (Simplified)Langstroth Hive Bottom Board
Langstroth Hive DimensionsLangstroth Hive Dimensions
Langstroth Hive PlanLangstroth Hive Plans (BeeSource)
Langstroth Screened Varroa Hive BottomLangstroth Screened Varroa Hive Bottom
Langstroth Slatted Hive BottomLangstroth Slatted Hive Bottom
Langstroth Inner CoverLangstroth Telescoping Cover
Lega (Italy)Lewis & Sons (Canada)
 Lone Star Candle Supply
Long Lane Honey Bee FarmsLos Angeles Honey Company
Making Wax FoundationMann Lake Beekeeping Supplies
Maxant Honey ExtractorsMediums Instead of Deeps
Mid-Atlantic Apiculture: Hive EquipmentMidNight Bee Supply
Muddy Bees (Hurricane, Utah)North American Bee Hive Company
Objections To The Double DeepObservation Bee Hives
Observation Hive - 3-Frame PlanObservation Hive - 8-Frame Plan
Observation HivesPerfectBee
Pigeon Mountain Trading Bee SuppliesPlans for Beekeeping Equipment
Propolis Etc.Queen Excluder Types
Queen Excluder Types and UseQueen Right Colonies
Reasons Why the Queen Excluder Limits Honey ProductionRose Hives
Rossman Apiaries (Georgia)Ruhl Bee Supply
Second Landing BoardShastina Bee Girls
Simpson's Bee Supply 
Skep HivesSmoker Maintenance
SOS Sport Solar OvenSources of Bee Supplies
Sticker You Honey LabelsStoring Beekeeping Equipment
Swarm FrameSwienty (Denmark)
The Best Bee Hive?The Honey Company (North Provo, Utah)
Thornes (UK)Top Bar Hives
Ulster Observation HiveWalter T Kelley Bee Supplies
WBC 10 Frame PlanWeller Bee Supply
Western Bee SuppliesWheelbarrow Project
Vera-Yordy Virgin Queen Introduction SystemZipLock Baggie Feeder