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Utah Beekeepers' Association

As Currently Organized since 1892, but Serving and Representing Utah's Beekeepers Since the Early 1860's

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Note: This is not the form you need to register as a beekeeper with the State of Utah. Download that form at http://ag.utah.gov/documents/1201a.pdf.

Membership dues are as follows:

  • Hobbyist (0-49 colonies) - $25.00 per year
  • Sideliner (50-299 colonies) - $35.00 per year
  • Commercial (300 or more colonies) - $45.00 per year

Dues paid in December are applied to the next calendar year. Dues include free admission to the Association's annual convention. Dues may be paid by mail via check, money order, or via the form below.

Click here to complete your online membership application. Then, pay your membership dues using the form below.

If you prefer the old-fashioned paper application and you are attending the convention, please use the convention registration form instead of the membership application form.

If you prefer the old-fashioned paper application and you are not attending the Association's annual convention, download your membership application here.

Checks and money orders should be made out to Utah Beekeepers' Association. Please submit a copy of your membership application or convention registration form with your check to the Treasurer at the address shown on the application.

One calendar-year association membership (January through December)
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Tickets to 2018 convention dinner (available approximately November 2017)
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